About Gail Kelly Printmaker

Home for me is an old farm with a large half wild garden, a natural habitat for lots of wild life too. I love living in the countryside and I'm very lucky to have my studio and workshop here.

My mum taught me embroidery and how to sew when I was a child and I still use these skills today. I've always liked printmaking and have been making linocuts since I was in primary school!

I'm probably best known for my images of trees, gardens and wildlife printed in black ink on oatmeal linen and all the cards that go with them under the trading name Algan Arts.

I also make hand printed linen collages which I sew by hand. 
My hand printed limited edition lithographs depict standing stones and fairy thorn trees, distant islands and traditional farm cottages.

I design my table linen and tea towels using little lino cut motifs inspired by plants in my garden.

I have a degree in Printmaking from the Ulster College of Art and Design in Belfast and a MFA from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.