Lithographs Hand Printed Limited Editions

Stone Lithography

I work on every stage myself from start to finish in this old traditional printmaking technique.

I start by graining the block of Bavarian limestone so it has a smooth surface on which to work. Next I draw and paint the image, process and etch it before printing. The surface of the stone is kept damp while printing so when the oil based ink is rolled over it only adheres to the image. The paper is laid on the top and the edition is printed by hand using an antique 200 year old litho press. 

This whole process is repeated for each colour after which the stone is grained once more so it can used over and over again for many years. 

I print small editions as denoted by the numbers in the bottom left corner. For example, 1/10 is number one of an edition of ten. 10/10 is the last in the edition.