Stenness, standing stones, hand printed, #tinyprinttuesday

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Stenness is a little print from years ago. I found it again recently at the back of the plans chest where it has been since 1999!

Standing stones one of my favourite subjects over the years. These are at Stenness in Orkney.

It's a two plate, two colour print, dry point and carborundum, printed on Fabriano paper.

I made the plates in 1999, proofed the image, arrived at this version which I was happy with but after that? I can't remember! The plates are lost long ago and the edition was never printed so I've signed this 1/1

Hand printed by me. 

Only this one available

Image size: 7.5 x 7.5 cms

Paper size: 15 x 15 cms

You will receive your tiny print unframed, unmounted, wrapped in glassine paper.

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